P2 Programs - AutoCad to EJE Conversion Utility


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Evaluation Rights
Downloading or installation of this program on any system shall constitute acceptance of the terms listed within this document.

This package is provided for the evaluation of the AutoCad To E.J.E.'s Structural Material Manager application developed by P2 Programs of Dripping Springs, Texas. Your rights as an evaluator of the software do not include reselling or marketing the conversion utility or using any part or portion of this software package in another application.

License Agreement
You can evaluate this software on any single stand alone PC for the single user version or Local Area Network (LAN) for use on multiple PC's for the Network version of the software. You are not permitted to evaluate the single user version on a LAN or install this software (single or LAN versions) at multiple sites.

This license shall be effective from the date that you receive the product and remain in effect for twenty five (25) years. Your license will terminate automatically if you do not comply with the terms or conditions of this agreement.

This program is provided "As Is". P2 Programs makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to this product and specifically disclaims the implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a purpose other than that intended. P2 does not warrant that the software will meet your changing requirements without modifications or that the operation of the program will be error free. You are solely responsible for the selection of this program to achieve your intended results and for the results actually obtained. Under no circumstances shall P2 Programs be liable to you for any damage, claims or losses whatsoever, including but not limited to any claims for lost profit, lost savings or other special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this software regardless of the circumstances.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State Of Texas.

Download Procedure

You must download one application file and extract it to your local hard drive. After you have downloaded the evaluation file to your local hard drive, start the installation process by double clicking on the file name while you are in Windows Explorer.

Download The Evaluation File

After clicking on the file listed below, the system should prompt you on what to do with the application file, please indicate to save it to your local hard drive - do not try to open the file.

Last Updated: 11/18/2016
Version 3.5 Size: ~4731 KB
Ac2ejeWebDemo2.exe File

30 Day Demo Password & Serial Number: DEMO

To Purchase The Demo Program After The 30 Day Trial Period

Please call the sales number for P2 Programs at 1.800.563.6737 to get the proper code to unlock your program and have it convert an entire bill of material. To purchase the conversion utility, you will need to fax (1.512.858.2008) us a Purchaser Order with billing and contact information. We bill you on a Net 30 day basis.
Or you can also pay by credit card by using PayPal and the following link. Software Prices

Installation Guide

You can install the program to any folder on your hard drive. I would suggest installing the program in the folder provided in the setup. Remember that you can only install this program in accordance with the License Agreement above.

For the following instructions, we will make the following assumptions,
1. We will install the program on your local hard drive. (C: drive for the demo.)
2. We will install the program in a folder named AC2EJE32.
3. The AC2EJE32 folder does not exist.
4. The new folder will be created off of the root directory on drive C:.
5. The evaluation application file in on your local hard drive.
6. You must be in Windows to install this program.

Installation Procedure
· Close any Windows applications you are running.
· Start Windows Explorer and locate the evaluation application file on your local hard drive.
· Double click on the application file.
· From the Start button, select Run.
· In the Run dialog, select the Browse button and locate the application file and then click OK.
· Then click OK in the Run window.
· The setup screen will state that it is Initializing Setup.
· At the program location screen, you change the drive or folder if you wish and then click Continue.
· At the completion of the installation process you will have a new program group and at least two icons in that group.

If you have any questions about this program or are experiencing some installation problems, please call us at (512) 858-2007 or fax us at (512) 858-2008 and thanks again for using a P2 Programs product.