P2 Programs - What Our Customers Are Saying...

  “Several years ago we implemented P2 Programs for tracking materials as they flow through our plant, including shipping. The result has been vastly improved production control with increased time savings, not to mention virtually eliminating misplaced materials. As for jobsite management, knowing that we have tracked a piece through our shop and loaded it on a truck gives us the confidence that it is on site. Our rework for missing or lost pieces has been reduced by 99%.”

Dynamic Structural Steel - Proctor, MN

"P2 Program’s STS steel tracking software has greatly increased the accuracy of our shipping and gives us the confidence to state that if it is on the paperwork, it is on the load. We are now looking toward implementing the software in other areas of our shop. "

Trinity Steel Fabricators - Trinity, TX

“Beck Steel being able to track items through our fabrication system, efficiently load and ship trucks, document deliveries and assure completeness of sequences without STS would be an unmanageable. Thanks for virtually eliminating these problems.”

Beck Steel - Lubbock, TX

"Wasted time is what one would call from NASCC-2003, when we first saw P2, until NASCC-2008, whence we implemented P2 with our estimating/production control software, because since NASCC-2008 we have streamlined so many operations in our delivery process that we could have saved a lot of time(money) had we not lost those five years. And...... now, since Steel Day -2009, we have the ability to streamline our receiving /inventorying processes as well with the ability to scan ASN's, which Paul demonstrated here in our shop that September day. "

B & B Welding - Edgemere, MD