Below is a price list of most of the products being offered at P2 Programs.
Steel Industry      
  Steel Tracking System - Single User, Full Version *      
    Includes Report Writer, Barcode Portable Interface, 3rd Party Import Modules and the Barcode Printer Module.   Starting at
$ 5,700.00
  Steel Tracking System - Single User, Jobsite Version *      
    Does Not Include Barcode Printer Module, Piece Mark Entry Screen and 3rd Party Import Modules.   Starting at
$ 2,700.00
  Steel Tracking System - Single User, Data Entry Version *      
    Does Not Include Barcode Printer Module, 3rd Party Import Modules, Report Writer and Barcode Portable Interface.   Call  
  * - Multiple sites have a different pricing structure.      
Misc. Charges      
  Installation & Training (excludes T&E)   $995 - $1200/Day  

Radio Frequency Module, Standard
(3 Seats / Mobile Computers)

  $ 995.00  
Radio Frequency Modules, Other
Supported Interfaces Include:
  Starting at
$ 1,495.00
  InfoSight LabeLase 1000 Printer Driver   $995 -$1,800/PC  
  Maintenance, 15% of installed price      
  Note: All Prices Show Above are Subject to Change (STS Full, Jobsite & Data Entry Versions) Exclude: Mobile Computer(s) and related equipment, WiFi Hardware and related equipment, Barcode Printer(s) & Supplies, Maintenance and Installation / Training.      
Conversion Utilities    
  AutoCad to EJE   $ 375.00
  AutoCad to KISS   $ 375.00
  Design Data (SDS2) to EJE   $ 295.00
  Utility version upgrade   $ 75.00
Add-on product for the AutoCad to EJE & KISS utilities      
  Bill of Material Capture Application   $ 250.00
Detailer Programs      
  Shop Bill   $ 395.00
WTS / Secondary Materials/Recycled Textiles      
  WareHouse32   Starting at $2,995.00  
Annual Maintenance      
  15% of installed software cost.
Includes phone support and software updates.
STS Packages      
  Misc Purchase.   $ 1991.54
  STS RF Install 01   $10,000.00
  STS RF Install 03   $5,700.00